Monday, April 20, 2009

Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Mediterranean Style

Not every one has the luxury to build a grand and beautiful bathroom. But, if you can and would certainly love to rebuild your bathroom, why not follow the Mediterranean bathroom styles. Aesthetic appeal and the relaxation you can get from a spacious bathroom are two main reasons why you will enjoy having this kind of style. Imagine, bathing just like the old Roman Emperor’s way. So how will you have your bathroom redesigned for this kind of style? The first step to take is to give your bathroom an added space. Perhaps you can extend it into the sun room. You should install an over sized garden tub in the open area. Use one way glass as walls to protect the bathroom from view. The marbles for the flooring s should be done in a classic Roman cut. Copper should be the main theme for faucets and handles. Adding up potted plants of different sizes is a good way to provide seclusion. Follow these simple steps and you’ve got yourself a royal bath.


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Arvin Boyle said...

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