Monday, April 6, 2009

3 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Using African Home Decor

There are lots of trends emerging in home decors and one of them is African home décor. Most interior design experts think that African home décor adds interest and a touch of life to any room. Hence, many DIY home decorators are opting to use this home décor style. But, there few mistakes that you should avoid when using African home decors according to interior design experts. First, you have to make the right positioning. Most home decorators tend to make mistakes when positioning the home decors. The key is that you place the home décor in a location where it can catch eyes but not obstruct other home decors you have. Another mistake to avoid is crowding of the decors. Do not, at all cost, put too many African home decors in the same place. This will give a cluttered impression. Lastly, avoid putting the wrong tones and colors together. Make sure that you use African home decors in complimenting and not contrasting colors.

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