Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Kitchen Decorating

The kitchen as we all know is an important place in the house. It is where one prepares the food for the family and whatnot. Although the kitchen houses those cooking utensils and different appliances, it does not mean that it has to look too clinical. By that, I mean you can beautify your kitchen as well as any other room in your home.

In the past, the working triangle is very popular. It consists of three works stations, one involving the refrigerator, another, the sink, and another for the cooking range. If you are going to design your kitchen today, refrain from using the triangle philosophy. Instead, create sections or station where you can clean up, cook, store food, and any work you get done in the kitchen.

Also, you should not have your kitchen designed just for you. Usually, the wife gets to design the kitchen, and if the wife calls in a help, designers would talk with the wife of course and the wife alone if the husband says he does not care how it is designed. Therefore, the designer would design a kitchen for the wife. But what if the husband is taller than his wife? That would certainly make him uncomfortable on kitchen chairs brought into place for his wife. So it would be better if the designer has to design the kitchen considering all the needs of the whole family.

There you are, just a couple of design tips for your kitchen. That's all for now folks.

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