Monday, January 7, 2008

Feng Shui And Lighting

We all know that Feng Shui is considered by many to be of great help in improving the design of any establishment, whether it is a home or an office. But you might be worried about the cost of hiring a Feng Shui expert or is unable to find one. Worry not as you can use Feng Shui all by yourself. It is really easy if you have the right mindset and a good resource for Feng Shui tips.

The World Wide Web has crawling with information about decorating your home with the aid of Feng Shui. There are blogs like mine which offer designing tips for free. Here are some pointers which I have picked up over the years from colleagues and other people who had their homes designed with the help of the Oriental philosophy of design.

If you are familiar with Feng Shui then you surely know that it is about increasing the energy flow called Chi and creating a relaxed atmosphere. Here goes my first tip: use accent lightings to soften up the sharp corners in any room in your home.

Another tip for you my dear reader concerning lighting fixtures is this: chandeliers should not be placed over a chair, or a chair should never be put directly under a chandelier. This does not only enhances energy flow but also reduces the risk of a chandelier falling on somebody which can cause severe injury or even death.

There you are, just a couple of tips for now. Tune in for some more tips next time.

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