Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cool Glass Effect

If you don't have dogs or any pets in the house, does not have children, and are looking to make your home look more elegant bordering on enchanting, I think I have the right project for you.

In this project, you will need a tall glass urn, a chandelier which roughly has the same circumference as the opening of the urn, and a glass tabletop. The urn will be the centerpiece of this design and when completed, this project can even be the centerpiece of your home.

First, find any spot in your living room which is not in the way of home traffic. This is to be sure that your creation will not be knocked off. Then, when you have found that ideal spot, place your glass urn there. This is where the magic starts, place anything inside the urn which reminds you of the present season. For example, you can use a lot of colored pebbles in there for spring. It is yours so you can use anything that you fancy. But, I would recommend anything shiny as it can create amazing lighting patterns.

After you have filled the urn with any design you want, place the glass table top. Then, hang the chandelier with the glass shades just a foot or so away from the glass tabletop. And there you are, a simple way to make your room look more appealing

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